Violent Night Release Date: Cast, Plot Trailer And Everything You Need To Know!

Violent Night Release Date

An upcoming American Christmas movie called Violent Night explores the comedy and action genres. Tommy Wirkola, who also directed the film, used a screenplay that he and Josh Miller wrote together. David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, and Guy Danella are the film’s producers.

The film’s production firm is 87North Productions, and Universal Studios served as the movie’s first distributor. English was the first language and the country of origin is the United States.

Does Violent Night Contain Horror?

Tommy Wirkola‘s 2022 American Christmas black comedy action picture Violent Night is based on the script written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The movie stars Beverly D’Angelo, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, John Leguizamo, Cam Gigandet, and Alexis Louder.

When is the debut of Violent Night?

Violent Night Release Date

On October 7, 2022, during the New York Comic Con, Violent Night will make its world premiere. On December 2, 2022, it will receive a wide cinema release.

Who Is in the Cast of Violent Night?

With David Harbour playing Father Noel, Violent Night has a large cast. John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, and André Eriksen all play supporting parts alongside him. The gripping holiday tale portrays Harbour’s Santa as a very, very real person rather than the enigmatic mythological character he is typically perceived to be. And he is a superhuman fighter! The Stranger Things star has already been in a number of action thrillers, including Quantum of Solace, The Green Hornet, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Hellboy, among many others in this genre and others. You may anticipate seeing him in his next projects, which he is also executive producing, including Gran Turismo, Thunderbolts, and My Dentist’s Murder Trial.

Leguizamo plays Ben, the mercenaries’ leader, while D’Angelo portrays Gertrude, the family’s matriarch; Alex Hassell plays Skyler, one of Gertrude’s children, who is spending Christmas at the family estate with his wife and daughter; and Alexis Louder plays Margie Matthews, Skyler’s estranged wife, who is staying there so their daughter can have a happy Christmas.

Storyline of Violent Night

Violent Night Release Date

On Christmas Eve, a group of elite soldiers of fortune sneak into an affluent family gathering and hold everyone inside prisoner. Santa Claus is on the premises and is going to demonstrate why this Nick is no saint, but the team is unprepared for a startled opponent. “Violent Night” takes place at Universal, and the production company has set the release date for December 2nd, 2022.
“Violent Night,” which is being directed by Tommy Wirkola (“Dead Snow” charter), is a solemnly defined as a coal-dark holiday thriller that advises you to always bet on red. The original display was written by “Sonic the Hedgehog” developers Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The company also announced on Tuesday that it had moved a Universal event film with no title from May 26th to May 19th, 2023. David Harbour will reprise his role as Chute in the forthcoming fourth season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix. David Harbour was most recently seen in this year’s Marvel film “Black Widow.” He will also star in and direct a Netflix family horror film. “We Have a Ghost” was written by Christopher Landon.


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Where Can I Watch Violence Night?

On December 2, 2022, Universal Pictures will release the holiday action-thriller Violent Night. The movie’s creators have not yet provided any information regarding the streaming services on which the film will be available. Also unknown is whether or not the film will receive a theatrical release.

The creators and cast of this upcoming film will shortly make its releasing details public. In the upcoming fall season, possibly by the month of October, the information will be accessible.

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