Virgin River Season 4 Release Date Confirmed – Check Latest Updates Here!

The lives of the individuals in Netflix’s Virgin River are just as dramatic as the drama’s breathtaking British Columbian setting. Who wouldn’t fall in love and feel at ease in this tranquil country setting? Mel Monroe, whose move to the little village introduced us to the ensemble series in season one, has learned that appearances may be deceiving.

Season three provided more twists and turns for the show’s main characters, but will they return for season four? Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Release Date for Virgin River Season 4

While Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for Virgin River season 4, we believe it will be in the summer of 2022, based on previous seasons’ release dates.

Filming on season 4 of Virgin River began in July 2021, just weeks after the release of season 3. By December of that year, cast members, including the leads Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, had announced that season 4 was concluded.

Martin Henderson, who plays Jack in the show, announced on Instagram in February 2022 that he was recording voice-over work in post-production, indicating that everything appears to be on schedule.


That means that, assuming all goes as planned, Virgin River season 4 should be available on Netflix in the summer of 2022. Although we don’t yet have an official release date for Season 4, an informed prediction puts the release in July 2022.

Virgin River season 3 was released in July 2021, as is customary for Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 were, admittedly, released in November and December of their respective years, but that was before Covid-19 messed up the filming dates.

Season 4 Cast of Virgin River

Season 4 will have the following main cast members:
  • Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner and midwife who recently arrived to Virgin River from Los Angeles, is played by Alexandra Breckenridge.
  • Jack Sheridan, a former US Marine with PTSD, is played by Martin Henderson. He also runs a restaurant and bar in the neighbourhood.
  • Joey Barnes, Melinda’s older sister from Los Angeles, is played by Jenny Cooper.
  • Lauren Hammersley plays Charmaine Roberts, a friend of Jack’s with advantages.
  • Vernon “Doc” Mullins, the Virgin River doctor, is played by Tim Matheson.
  • Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), a younger veteran who served in the Marines alongside Jack and is struggling to acclimate to civilian life, is played by Benjamin Hollingsworth.
  • Ricky is played by Grayson Gurnsey, a young man who wants to join the Marines after graduation. Jack’s bar is where he presently works.
  • Lizzie, a resident of Los Angeles and Connie’s niece, is played by Sarah Dugdale.
    Brie Sheridan is played by Zibby Allen.
  • Mike Valenzuela, played by Marco Grazzini, is a police detective and a Marine friend of Jack’s.

Season 4 will also feature the addition of two new cast members:

  • Dr. Cameron Hayek is portrayed by Mark Ghanimé. Cameron, Virgin River’s newest physician, has enticing good looks, razor-sharp brains, and a grin that could light up the world, and he makes an immediate impression on the ladies.
  • Denny Cutler, Doc’s lost grandson, will be played by Kai Bradbury. Despite his efforts to mend his ties with his grandfather, Denny arrives with a secret.

Expectations for Virgin River Season 4

Mel’s big story in season 4 is that she gets pregnant, despite the fact that the true father is still unknown. By the end of the fourth season, it was expected to return Brady’s future appears to be in risk, given his arrest for shooting Jack at the end of the second season. Hope should appear in Season 4, however in what manner is unknown. She remained missing for the whole of the third season, but it was discovered that she was on her way to visit her aunt in another state. She was taken to the hospital on the way back following an accident while returning to the Virgin River during a horrible storm.

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After crossing Doc Mullins, he announced that he would continue to fight his sickness, which had hampered season 3’s progress. Sue Tenney, the showrunner for Virgin River, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what fans may expect from Hope in the fourth season: “The recuperation and what she’s coping with — a catastrophic brain injury – is what concerns us.” Our show isn’t actually about being in a hospital and going through recovery.

But, because we’re so determined to finding out what the truth is, we’ll go to the limit of what’s possible. We always follow the medical guidelines, but we also know what we prefer to do at this time, which is complex emotionally dramatic storytelling.” Lynda Boyd will return as a flashback character in the fourth season.

Daniel Gillies hinted to a possible comeback to the show when he said:

“The wonderful news about being the dead husband is that you can show up at any time,” I’ll offer cryptically. “I’m going to stop here.”

The show’s Instagram feed rarely gives away too much about what to expect, although they did recently ask for thoughts for Jack’s specials board, which is also located outside the restaurant.


Without giving anything away about Virgin River season 3, we can anticipate season 4 picking up where season 3 left off in terms of drama and answering the lingering concerns left by those annoying cliffhangers.

In season 3, the reality of Jack’s imminent fatherhood put a strain on Mel and Jack’s relationship. Not to mention, Mel’s yearning for a child put the pair under a lot of stress, which culminated in the season’s final moments.

After a gun is discovered in his hands, Brady is arrested for the attempted murder of Jack.

Following her vehicle accident, Hope’s life hangs in the balance.

In the last scenes of the season, the preacher is drugged and kidnapped. Is he going to be all right?

Keep an eye out for more Virgin River season 4 news and updates!

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