Wales beat Ukraine to reach first World Cup for 64 years

Wales beat reach first World Cup

Ukraine’s players sobbed in the rain while thanking their heartbroken fans after losing 1-0 to Wales in Europe’s final World Cup qualifying match on Sunday.

In a tense contest, Andriy Yarmolenko accidentally headed the ball into his own net while attempting to clear Wales captain Gareth Bale’s free kick in the 34th minute.

While Wales prepares for its first World Cup in 64 years, which begins in November against the United States, Ukraine’s emotionally charged effort to qualify for Qatar while still under Russian occupation was a game too far.

“We did everything we could,” says the narrator “But I truly want the people of Ukraine to remember our team’s efforts,” coach Oleksandr Petrakov remarked through a translation.

Petrakov’s top concern after the Globe Cup dream was dashed was to ensure that the suffering in his homeland was not forgotten by the rest of the world.

“All around the country, there is a conflict,” Petrakov remarked. “Every day, we have children and mothers dying.” Russian barbarians are destroying our infrastructure. Russians want to harm us, but Ukrainians are fighting back and defending their homeland. All we need is your help. We simply want you to be aware of what is going on at home.”

Wales finally returns to the World Cup after a 64-year absence

Wales beat reach first World Cup

The 1-0 win over war-torn Ukraine on Sunday, scored in the 34th minute in the pouring rain in Cardiff, was enough to bring Wales back to the World Cup after a 64-year absence.

“It’s the greatest result in Welsh football history,” he added “Gareth Bale, the Welsh captain, stated. “I’m overjoyed that we’re going to a World Cup.” It signifies everything; it’s the stuff of dreams. I’m at a loss for words. I’m really thrilled we were able to do it for these incredible supporters.”

Bale was one of those onlookers for the final 10 minutes or so after his body could no longer provide anymore.

“It was a challenge, “Bale remarked. “Because of my back spasm, I haven’t played much football in the last three or four weeks, but the most important thing was to get through. I give everything I’ve got. I was completely depleted.”


The trip to Qatar will provide Bale, Real Madrid’s most decorated foreign export, the opportunity to compete on the sport’s largest platform.

However, after being released by Real Madrid, the five-time Champions League winner will be without a team next season.

“It’s crazy – little old Wales at the World Cup,” midfielder Aaron Ramsey said of the victory.”

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