Warrior Nun Season 2 Reviews! Release Date, Cast, plot, Trailer and Much More!

Warrior Nun Season 2

Have you watched Season 2 of Warrior Nun? You’ve come to the right place if your answer is yes and you want to learn more about the ratings for this season. The second season of Warrior Nun will be reviewed in this post. Read this article for all the information. Also, if you think this article was useful, please let us know what you thought. Your feedback is extremely important to us.

When the stately nun picked up a rifle and started shooting a room full of demon-infested priests, I knew Netflix’s Warrior Nun had finally realised what kind of programme it was. And that episode was entertaining as hell.

In 2020, the first episode of the Netflix series Warrior Nun, about a young nun who battled demonic forces after rising from the dead, debuted.

Cast of Warrior Nun Season 2

The series, led by Alba Baptista as Ava Silva, will also feature the return of Toya Turner as Sister Mary, also known as Shotgun Mary, Tristan Ulloa in the role of Father Vincent, and William Miller as Adriel, who is now free from prison. Richard Clothier, Meena Rayann, and Jack Mullarkey, along with some other more senior colleagues like Kristina Tonteri-Young and Lorena Andrea, will join Thekla Reuten in her capacity as Jillian Salvius, the CEO of ArcTech.


Plot for Season 2 of Warrior Nun

Adriel has, as far as we know, managed to escape the jail, and Ava blames herself for everything. She finds evidence that a weapon was used by the first Warrior Nun to capture him, and she is determined to make the necessary apologies.


Despite the assertions that Adriel has never been beaten before, Ava is eager to change the course of history. Evil doesn’t have a prayer is the opening line in the action-packed trailer for the new season.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release date and Trailer

Hopefully continuing the first season’s pattern, Warrior Nun Season 2 will have 10 episodes available on Netflix. On November 10, 2022, they will all be available on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the same below to see all the action. Do you intend to see this Thursday’s premiere of the fantasy action series? How would you rate the first season? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

What are the Warrior Nun Season 2 IMDb Ratings?

Everyone considers the number of stars a show has. The best way to determine whether a show will remain on the air is typically based on its ratings. You have a higher chance of surviving if you have more stars. IMDb awards the film a respectable 6.9/10. For viewers who enjoy suspenseful stories and spooky movies, this is the finest programme. Without a doubt, you should watch the film.

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