Weight loss: 10 simple habits that work wonders against extra pounds


Changing your eating habits, such as replacing white bread with wholemeal bread, and some original lifestyle advice can help you lose a few pounds or maintain your current weight by 12 month. When it comes to weight loss, there are no quick fixes or magic bullets. Good simple lifestyle habits are more effective than any “miracle product”.

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water before the 3 meals of the day.

A study published in the scientific journal specialized Obesity showed that people who drank 2 glasses of water before meals in the morning, noon and evening lost twice as much weight as those who did not drink it. In this study, which lasted 10 weeks, the participants had to drink approximately 29 ml (20 US ounces) before each meal. At the end of the study, those who drank the equivalent of 2 glasses of water before each meal lost about 2.5 kg (5.3 pounds). The mechanism behind this water-based slimming effect would be very simple, “filling up” with water before meals naturally reduces the desire to eat (satiety).

Note: drink 6 glasses of water per day may be a little drastic, but if you already drink 1 large glass of water before lunch and dinner and why not an orange juice for breakfast, it’s already a good start.

  1. Walk up instead of taking the elevator or the escalator.

Easy to change and effective habit. If you take the metro every day, why not take the escalator on foot instead. Ditto if you work or live on the upper floors, walk up and flee the elevator. It is an effective method to burn a few calories and stay in shape.

  1. If you have to go to a party or social event, eat healthy 1 hour before.
    1. It is known, many politicians gain weight once in office. It is true that they must honor many public and private events with their presence. And as much to say, the food is often unhealthy with a lot of alcohol and snacks (eg chips). Like everyone else, you can quickly be tempted by products rich in salt or sugar. A good trick to resist all these temptations is to eat a healthy dish 1 hour before the party or event, such as a salad with wholemeal bread and a little cheese. When you are at the party, you will be less hungry and logically will eat less.

      1. Replace artificial sodas and juices with natural juices or water.
        1. We all know that sodas and other sugary drinks are bad for the body, increased risk of diabetes, obesity (high calorie drinks) and sometimes even cancer according to some studies. Favor, if you can, taking natural drinks, eg. lemon juice, orange juice, herbal teas (you can let them cool in the fridge) or simply water. Another idea is to replace liquid calories with solid ones, instead of a fruit juice prefer a whole fruit richer in dietary fibre.

          1. Take the time to eat!

          For example, when you have lunch or dinner you should stay at least 20 minutes at the table to have good digestion and good absorption of food . Use your cell phone or a watch to see how much time you spend at the table. Don’t forget to chew food well.

          1. Adopt a diet higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates.
            1. A Danish study on 772 families showed that the diet that was highest in protein and lowest in carbs was the most effective for weight loss. To summarize, a protein-based diet includes white meat, dairy products that are lower in fat, beans for fiber, and less carbohydrate-rich white bread or white rice. It is believed that proteins give more of a feeling of satiety than carbohydrates. Read our article on the protein-based diet

              1. Eat foods high in fiber

              Foods that contain fiber include soybeans, beans , corn, wholegrain rice, wholemeal bread, prunes, etc.

              Dietary fiber helps control weight (in part) and also has a favorable effect against constipation.

              1. Instead of eating out, cook as much as possible.

              The big advantage of cooking yourself is that you know the ingredients. For example, you can buy organic fruits and vegetables which are healthier for your health, as they are less polluted with pesticides. Foods sold in fast food and certain restaurants often contain more sugars and bad fats than those cooked by you. Studies have shown that people consume more calories when they eat out, compared to those who eat at home. Of course, be careful not to serve yourself or your family too large portions.

              If, however, you often have to eat out, choose low-calorie and healthy menus.

              1. Do not miss a meal, have the evening meal early and at a fixed time.

              It is important to eat regularly at a fixed time, i.e. say follow the 3 main meals of the day and 2 to 3 snacks between meals, for example eat a banana or a cereal bar. As for sleep, regularity is an important piece of advice for losing weight.

              The evening meal should be taken early if possible, to avoid night snacking. It is also important to let the intestine rest for 12 hours in a row between dinner and breakfast. The original meaning of the term lunch, breaking the fast, will now take on its full meaning.

              1. Eat foods with a large volume
                1. Fruits and vegetables have higher volumes than other foods such as cheese or fries because they contain water and fiber. So favor dishes with a large volume, this is particularly the case with soups. In winter, try to eat more soups and fewer fries or hamburgers. Foods with a large volume facilitate weight loss.

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