What are the best big data services on AWS?

Big data is described as a term of data management challenges that arise due to changes in the volume, velocity, and variety of data. These challenges cannot be solved with traditional databases. AWS is a leader in the cloud computing sector. This is one of the most trusted, reliable, and secure cloud providers in the world. When it comes to big data, AWS is the best as it provides tools and services which help the company manage it easily. AWS provides services for every domain i.e., computing, data storage, data analytics, robotics, and many more. AWS services cover 25 domains across the different IT infrastructures. This has made it the best cloud service provider.

AWS big data certification helps professionals in managing their companies’ big data. AWS provides a number of unique managed services for assistance in creating, securing, and seamless scaling of the end-to-end big data applications. AWS big data offers an advantage in terms of speed and ease of development. It has various applications such as batch data processing and real-time streaming. AWS provides essential infrastructure and tools for addressing big data projects. Moreover, it minimizes the requirement for any hardware, maintenance, and scaling of infrastructure. Availability of resources will no more be an issue with diverse availability zones ensured by AWS. Services such as Amazon S3 help in the storage of data, while AWS Glue can help in orchestration.

Also, the use of big data services on AWS involves the collection of data regarding mobile apps. These show how big data with AWS can improve productivity. There are various services that AWS offers which are mainly used for managing big data. Many companies completely rely on AWS services for big data needs as it eliminates worries about hardware, reliability, and security. AWS’s services make it easier to manage big data via pipeline from extraction to end-user consumption. AWS offers various services across different domains.

Here, we will take a look at the different services on AWS for the collection, processing, storage, and analysis of big data.

Amazon Kinesis: this is first among AWS Big data services, an ideal platform for streaming data. This provides the option for creating custom streaming data applications for various needs. This help in entering real-time data such as application logs into databases, data warehouse, and data lakes. AWS Big data properties of Kinesis are widely used in creating real-time applications using data gathered by kinesis.

AWS Lambda: this is yet another big data service that helps in running code without the requirement for server provisioning. Here users have to pay only for compute time which they use, and there is no payment for the duration when the code does not run. This helps in running code on a different type of application or backend service with no administration. Here, all that needs to be done is upload the code, and then the rest will be taken care of by AWS Lambda. The use of this in AWS Big data involves prominent reference to real-time file and stream processing and processing of AWS events.

Amazon EMR: another prominent entry among Amazon big data services is to work with big data on AWS. this is distributed computing framework. The uses of this service include easier processing and storage of data with better speed and cost-effectiveness. This leverages the open-source framework, Hadoop, for the distribution and processing of data. EMR helps in general Hadoop tools such as Hive, Spark, etc. EMR provides a perfect instrument for using big data with AWS by providing support for running big data processing and analytics. The main use of this is to include log processing and analytics, genomics, predictive analytics, and their analytics.

AWS Glue: this is another reliable AWS Big data tool that is a fully managed ETL service. ETL implies extraction, transformation, and loading, and this is ideal for the classification of data. It helps in refining the data, improvising it, and thus also ensuring the migration between data stores with security. This helps in a significant reduction in cost, time, and complexity of creating ETL jobs. Glue does not have any type of dependability on servers; the burden of setting up and managing infrastructure is zero. AWS glue offers automatic data crawling and hence generates code for execution, data transformation, and processes.

Amazon Machine learning: this service help in the easier use of machine learning technology and predictive analytics. Amazon ML offer exceptional visualization tools and wizard for guidance on the process of creating machine learning models. Amazon ML provides ease of obtaining predictions for applications via API operation. The best thing here is to implement any custom code for generating predictions. It effectively handles infrastructure management. This offers an effective use of big data with amazon web services for features creating ML models from data on Amazon S3, Redshift, or RDS. This helps in discovering various patterns of data.

Other notable big data tools which contribute to the effective use of big data services include Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight. All these services are concerned with the use of Big data on AWS. Hence, with the help of AWS services, various brands have been able to handle the data surge for months. With the right scaling and service application, the organization must seamlessly manage the data flow.

AWS big data certification is the best certification for the AWS big data career path. This is an industry-leading certification for big data analysts. Individuals must work on AWS infrastructure with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience. Key skills which must be validated include deploying and managing AWS big data infrastructure and even using tools and services for automation of data analysis.


AWS big data seems readymade for users. This is because it offers diverse opportunities to use big data to take advantage of the unique functionalities of AWS. Various companies are using cloud-based solutions for working adaptively.


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