What are the effects of coffee on your body


Coffee is a seed which, once infused, provides an exciting and invigorating drink. Currently, it shares the podium of the most consumed beverages in the world with black tea and water. These precious seeds are the fruit of the coffee tree or Coffea arabica of his scientist.

This is a tree native to Arabia, but it can be found in places with a tropical climate such as Africa, Asia and America. Moreover, Brazil is currently the leading coffee producing and exporting country, with more than 40% of the world production. In addition to developing the economy of producing countries, it also contains qualities that make it famous in herbal medicine. In terms of composition, it contains caffeine, sterols, esters, polysaccharides and chlorogenic acids.

Properties and uses in natural medicine

Thanks to the presence of caffeine, coffee contains stimulating and energizing properties. It helps to combat states of fatigue while increasing the body’s energy and endurance. It also has a beneficial effect on the state of mind. First, it promotes the ability to concentrate and remember. It also stimulates the sense of creativity in case of loss of motivation and ideas.

In addition, in combination with a balanced diet, it represents the ideal ally in the fight against the kilos. Indeed, it plays a big role in the purification of the organism. It participates, among other things, in the destruction of fats and prevents the accumulation of sugars and lipids. In addition, it facilitates the natural evacuation of toxic elements. In case of sluggish transit, it also promotes digestion.

Finally, these seeds are used in the prevention of certain diseases such as gout, dental caries as well as colon and cervical cancers. ‘uterus. With painkillers, they also treat headaches and headaches.

Galenic forms available

The most common form is coffee as a drink, the one you drink in the morning or during the day . However, in the world of herbal medicine, it exists in capsule, mother tincture and essential oil form.

Recommended dosage


coffee-based capsules are often presented as being food supplements as part of a slimming diet. Thus, in addition to a varied diet, we recommend taking 2 capsules in the morning and at noon, to be swallowed with a glass of water.

Mother tincture:

    In 3 times a day, dilute drops in a glass of water.

    Essential oil:

    To be administered by the skin, dilute a few drops of essential oil in vegetable oil. Then rub the areas to be treated with the preparation obtained.

    Contraindications and side effects

    coffee is to be avoided in:

    • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
    • Children
    • People with cardiovascular disorders

    In high doses, it causes anxiety, heart problems, insomnia, tremors, hyperarousal, caffeine addiction and heartburn.

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