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What Is Big Bank Challenge in TikTok? How to Complete It?

TikTok launched a new challenge in January 2021. Tiktok’s Big Bank Challenge was this time’s topic of discussion. The hashtag #bigbank has been viewed over 1.3 billion times as a result of the challenge.

The song “Mean” by $not and Flo Milli was the inspiration for the TikTok Big Bank challenge. In this challenge, women show off their bottoms while dancing to the lyrics of this song. Therefore, in the challenge, a big bank equals a big sum of money.

With $not’s song “Mean,” the challenge was a huge success. The lyrics read, “I’ve got a little waist, an attractive face, and a huge bank.”

Who started the TikTok Big Bank Challenge, and why?

It was on January 2, 2021, that the first video of the TikTok big bank challenge was posted on the platform. @halle.c00l. This video was uploaded to TikTok by Cat, a user.

She filmed the video while dressed as if she were going to a subway restaurant. The video went viral in just five months, amassing over 8 million views.

When the first video was posted, the challenge began. Fortunately, the TikTokers were up to the task. A total of 75,000 films were uploaded to the TikTok platform, and many of the challenge’s first videos went viral because of their high quality.

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TikTok’s Big Bank Challenge: How to do it

TikTok has a lot of originality. In order to enthral their supporters, some people decided to make the challenge even more raunchy.

They were decked out in leggings and booties, and they were ready to perform. Others dressed in shorts or bathing suits took on the challenge.

Booty-enhancing clothing such as leggings, shorts, and swimsuits is common knowledge. It’s more common when they’re dancing. TikTokers were ecstatic to see such videos.

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Reactions to the TikTok Big Bank Challenge from Some Users

The TikTok large bank challenge piqued the interest of a few people, as is customary. They couldn’t get enough of the entertaining and seductive videos.

It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however. They thought that women who wore their booties out in public were either dishonest or merely seeking attention.

Taking on the TikTok large bank challenge with your friends is a lot of fun.

Your booties should be on display when you’re dancing to “Small Waist Pretty Face.” Competitors are judged on their dancing ability and size of their derriere.

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