When is GTA 6 coming out? Expected release date, Leaks, Maps and features

Rockstar Games, the studio and publisher behind the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, has revealed that a sixth instalment in the hit video game series is in the works.

The series, which began with a cult following and legendary reputation in the gaming scene as an action adventure open world driving and shooting extravaganza set in the criminal underworlds of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, was created by Dundee game creators DMA Design.

Following the release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, fans have been waiting almost ten years for the next standalone game.

While the GTA Trilogy, Grand Theft Auto Online, San Andreas, and GTA 5 Online additions like The Contract have helped to pacify antsy fans in the years since, confirmation of the next standalone instalment in the shape of GTA VI is undoubtedly great news for many.

Here’s what Rockstar has to say about Grand Theft Auto 6, when it might be released, and what we can expect from GTA 6.


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What did Rockstar have to say about the release of GTA 6?

On a Playstation 3, a young man plays Grand Theft Auto IV. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Cate Gillon)

On Friday, February 4, Rockstar Games used Twitter and their newswire to provide a community update for their Grand Theft Auto series, which included a long-awaited announcement regarding Grand Theft Auto 6.

“We know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, given GTAV’s extraordinary durability,” Rockstar stated.

“With every new project we take on, our objective is to go above and beyond what we’ve previously delivered — and we’re excited to announce that active work for the next Grand Theft Auto game is well underway.”

“We look forward to providing more information as soon as we are able, so please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for official updates,” they said.

We appreciate you everyone for your support on behalf of our entire team, and we look forward to stepping into the future with you!”

Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally in development, after the franchise’s third game, and first under Rockstar North, marked its 20th anniversary on October 8, 2021.

What setting will Grand Theft Auto 6 take place in?

While we all wait for more information on the new Grand Theft Auto game, many are already predicting that GTA VI may feature a return to Vice City, Rockstar’s neon-lit fictitious version of Miami.

The East Coast has been depicted in prior standalone titles such as GTA IV’s Liberty City, GTA V’s Los Santos, and a slew of San Andreas fictional locales in recent versions.

Since 2002, though, Vice City hasn’t been one of the GTA underworlds open for exploring.

When will Grand Theft Auto 6 be released?

With Rockstar Games declaring in early February 2022 that production on the sixth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is “well started,” the game is unlikely to be released before late 2023 or early 2024.

Several sites previously stated that Take-2020 Two’s SEC filings indicating an increased marketing cash commitment of $89,260 in 2024 signalled the release of a major IP game such as GTA 6.

“Take-Two clarified to GamesBeat that this marketing-obligation statistic refers only to its contracts with third parties,” VentureBeat later clarified, writing: “Take-Two clarified to GamesBeat that this marketing-obligation metric refers only to its relationships with third parties.” It does not include marketing expenditures for internal studios such as Rockstar Games.

“This means there isn’t a release date for Grand Theft Auto VI.” I apologise (sic) for this erroneous statement.”

While GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the next standalone game after the company’s release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition was panned due to its remastering, Rockstar parent company Take-Two stated in its second quarter earnings call with investors last year that its “player-first” approach comes before launch timescales.

“While we don’t take delays lightly, we know that our proven success has been rooted firmly in our “player-first” approach and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality entertainment experiences,” Take-Two President Karl Slatoff said of the company’s decision to delay Firaxis Games’ Marvel Midnight Suns until 2022.

“We feel that giving a product – especially a new IP – the extra time it needs to fulfil its full potential and drive long-term success as a permanent franchise in our industry-leading portfolio is considerably better.”

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