Where Can I Read Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Online?

Where Can I Read Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 Online

Yeon-Woo has come up with a clever plan to stop the Walpurgisnacht. The Red Dragon tribe will now attack their base at his urging. The Red Dragon is even prepared to provide a reward for the capture of Viera Dune. There will come a day when only Yeon-Woo or someone else will be able to enter the facility without destroying Walpurgisnacht’s castle. This is everything you need to know about Second Life Ranker Chapter 148’s imminent release and story.

Yeon-goal Woo wants to find Ananta when she goes into Second Life again. She is now secure inside the complex after they were able to effectively hide her. But will Viera Dune present a challenge for him? To learn every tiny detail, keep reading!

Release Date for Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

The Second Life Ranker chapter that was supposed to be released on February 17, 2023 has been delayed due to the manhwa’s break while the author recovers from illness and prepares for the upcoming work week.


During the announcement’s break, no precise date was provided for the chapter’s comeback. We’ve determined that Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 will be released on Friday, February 24, 2023 based on research into when previous chapters were released.

Chapter 148 of Second Life Ranker What Will Come Next?

Chapter 148 of Second Life Ranker What Will Come Next?

Yeon Woo ultimately makes it to the Citadel, where Ananta is being held captive, in Second Life Ranker Chapter 148. Although he is aware that his goal is to save Ananta, he is not the only one who cares about keeping her safe. The head of Walpurgisnacht, Viera Dune, is also there for the same intention. As Yeon Woo attempts to infiltrate the Citadel, he encounters severe opposition. The guardians of Viera Dune are in his path, but he can overcome them with his power and abilities.

Finally, he arrives at the dungeon housing Ananta. He is shocked to see that she has evolved and grown more formidable when he first encounters her. With the intention of keeping Yeon Woo from saving Ananta, Viera Dune arrives on the scene. Their futures are at stake as the three of them fight in a fierce war. Will Yeon Woo succeed in rescuing Ananta? Will Viera Dune be able to hold her as a test subject? Chapter 148 of Second Life Ranker will contain all of the solutions.

A Brief Recap

A Brief Recap

Back in Second Life Ranker Chapter 147, Brahm was taken aback to witness Boo obeying Yeon Woo. He is an Elder who can compete with both the Summer Queen and the Nine Kings. Yeon Woo had no idea about this. And he wondered how someone of that stature could become a mere soul slave. Boo also displayed an image of Viera Dune’s original witches to the group. The powerful witch mother “Night” gave birth to them.

Yeon Woo, meantime, discovered the Walpurgisnacht base, where Viera Dune dwells. They entered the deserted city through a portal. Also, there was a barrier that sprayed ghostly fog in an effort to terrorise people and drain their life power. Brahm threw a blessing to overcome the obstacle. Yeon Woo devised a new mission in the interim. Walpurgisnacht is the target of a bounty posted by Red Dragon for injuring Summer Queen. Yeon Woo was prepared to attach Viera Dune using that justification.


An impersonation of Yeon Woo suddenly charged at them from behind. However, Yeon Woo contacted Shannon to rip him apart. Later Yeon Woo pushed the man to spill all the information about their whereabouts and whereabouts. The ghost said that it belonged to Pataya. Yeon Woo then barged into her home and demanded to know where Viera Dune was keeping Ananta. As the story came to a close, Yeon Woo was making her way to the Citadel’s dungeon, where they had imprisoned her.


In order to combat the Walpurgisnacht, Yeon-Woo has planned a cunning plan and prompted the Red Dragon tribe to assault their base. To release Ananta from his captivity, Yeon Woo must battle the committed troops of Viera Dune, who have decided to stop him from liberating Ananta.

Every character in the conflict is unsure of its outcome, but Yeon Woo’s mission and Ananta’s survival are at stake. Boo obeys Yeon Woo’s orders and reveals that he is an Elder Lich who can be traced back to the witch mother known as “Night.”

I’m hoping you learn all there is to know about “Second Life Ranker Chapter 148.”

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