Which Online Party Games Are the Best for Playing with Friends?

Which Online Party Games Are the Best for Playing with Friends

To have a great time with your friends, you don’t need to be in the same room as them. These online party games are the perfect option for buddy groups to have a wonderful night from the comfort of their own apartments rather than going out. We’ve selected the top multiplayer online games for everyone’s convenience, including anything from the original online trivia phenom You Don’t Know Jack, tried-and-true favourites like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Risk, character-based competitions, and a tonne of entertaining drinking games are all available. Looking for more entertainment options at home? Check out our top Netflix movies and online jigsaw puzzles listings.

The best party games online are:

1. Jackbox Games

Anyone else have memories of playing You Don’t Know Jack together around the family computer? No? Only us? Huh. However, the pioneering virtual-trivia business Jackbox now offers a number of online party games that you can play on your PC with up to ten other players simultaneously while using your tablet or smartphone as a controller. We recommend purchasing one of Jack’s party packs, which come with five games and cost between $25 and $30. These games range from hidden-identity whodunits and quizzes to doodle and joke competitions (like the wildly famous Quiplash and Drawful).


2. Online trivia games that buddies can play

2. Online trivia games that buddies can play

There are many trivia party games available online to keep your pub quiz team sharp. Check out our in-depth list for the best ones available, including freebies like Random Trivia Generator and applications like QuizUp, as well as complete instructions on how to host a DIY trivia night via Zoom.

3. Game night at home

Adam Feldman of Time Out provided an excellent analysis of Houseparty that is absolutely worth reading. But for our purposes, here’s the short version: The popular video chat app also features a few games, including Quick Draw, Chips and Guacamole, and Heads Up! (only the #trending deck is free; additional decks can be purchased). Install the app on your phone or tablet, then start requesting matches from your friends. If you want advice from a professional, check out Shaye Weaver’s list of the top apps games.

4. Online games of chance

There are many board games available online, from traditional games like Monopoly and Clue to strategic contests like Risk and Catan. The best part is that you can play them all digitally, using Google Hangout, Zoom, or any other video-conference platform of your choosing, so you don’t even need a physical board. In this extensive guide, you can find our picks for the best board games to play online with friends.



Back then, I was familiar with this game by its quite obvious name, Movie Actor Movie. I’ve determined that this name was probably entirely made up by me or anybody I was friends with at the time after additional investigation (read: Google). It seems to go by the name BOMB. Anyway, it’s really entertaining, and this is how it goes: The process goes as follows: someone names a movie, someone else names an actor from that movie, someone else names a movie starring that actor, and so on. It’s against the rules to mention celebrities or movies more than once in a round. You receive a letter if you are unable to identify the following person or movie. You lose if you spell out BOMB. You win if you’re the last person standing.

6. Word-based social games

 Word-based social games

Looking for word games that you can play alone (there’s nothing wrong with a one-person party), against others, or even in epic battles with a large group of people? Along with Words with Friends, a game that is good for groups, and Word Blitz on Facebook, there is Scrabble GO (essentially Boggle with Scrabble-like scoring).

7.  Drinking party games online

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Who would want a beverage? This list of the best drinking games to play with your friends online through Google Hangout, Zoom, or whatever video-conference software your kids are using these days has you covered if you’re craving a drink-fueled evening at home. In our complete guide, learn how to play classics like Power Hour, icebreakers like Never Have I Ever, card games like Kings, and more.

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