Who Is Maluma Dating? All About Maluma’s Girlfriend

Who Is Maluma Dating

Love has found Maluma! The Colombian musician is romantically involved with Susana Gómez, with whom he has frequently been spotted holding hands. Neither the singer nor Gómez have confirmed their relationship officially, but the hunky lad has already shown gratitude to Santa for an incredible Christmas present.

The musician posted a blurry photo of himself and Susana kissing in front of a Christmas tree with the caption “Thank you, Santa” in Spanish on Instagram. Fans of the artist wasted little time mentioning Gómez in the comment area, confirming their suspicions that he had already given his heart to another woman.

After being seen on camera making out towards the end of the year 2020, the two were quickly linked.

How Susana Gomez became Maluma’s girlfriend?

Who Is Maluma Dating

Susana Gómez is the architect and Colombian lover of Maluma. In her hometown, she runs an interior design firm under the name Ese+Ese.

Gómez earned his architectural degree from a public university in the United States. The current age of this woman is somewhere in the mid-20s. She stands at around 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Susana Gomez prefers to remain under the radar, therefore she may not be immediately recognisable. According to some reports, she shares her hometown of Medellin, Colombia, with the rapper Maluma.

Susana has recently been rather popular on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. In order to promote the launch of his new album, Maluma included her on his Instagram Story.

Who Maluma Dated When

He allegedly dated the Spanish-Mexican singer Belinda in 2015. Regardless, by 2016 Maluma was publicly dating Criss Angel, a magician, so whatever happened clearly didn’t last.

The Grammy winner and model Natalia Barulich started dating in 2018, after meeting the previous year on the set of the “Felices Los 4” music video. Throughout their two years together, Maluma was an avid follower of Barulich’s Instagram.

Maluma and Brazilian singer Anitta were romantically linked in 2017. During a performance of their smash single “Sim Ou No” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the two shared a passionate kiss onstage.

The pair broke up around the end of 2019, for reasons that are unclear. During a June 2020 interview with Hola!, Barulich opened up about the problems in her relationship with Maluma.

“I was providing a thousand percent and getting twenty percent,” she reflected. This place kept me around since some days I got more. No matter the temperature outside, I knew I had to keep going for my friend.

The road to Maluma’s musical dominance

Who Is Maluma Dating

Maluma’s passion for the sport of football began at a young age. He grew up as a football fan, from playing the game as a child to watching games and competing in tournaments. Then, when he was a teenager, music became something he was interested in. At his high school, he was a well-known vocalist. Maluma’s peers at Hontanares School, from which he graduated in El Retiro, supported his pursuit of a music career due to his popularity among the school’s students. So Maluma also took part in a number of local singing competitions.

The year 2010 marked the beginning of the author’s professional life.

He received his big break as a musician when he was fifteen years old. Maluma and a confidant collaborated on a song named “No Quiero.” A year later, for his birthday, his uncle gave him the chance to record that song professionally. Juan Luis Londoo Arias, better known by his stage name, Maluma, began his career as a recording artist in 2010, releasing a string of singles. Sony Music and Sony Music Columbia offered to produce his debut album. After “Farandulera” became a radio hit, this chance presented itself to him. Maluma, now signed to Sony Music, has released a new single titled “Loco,” which is based on the theme of “uncontrolled love.”


Maluma’s breakthrough video for “Corazón.”

Maluma has risen to fame, particularly in the Latin American community, because to his consistent output of new music each year. “Felices los 4”, released in 2017, is his seventh top 5 single on the Hot Latin Songs list. The following single was titled “Corazón.” Maluma is now among the most well-known musicians worldwide. His inspiring talent has allowed him to successfully dominate the music industry.

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