Who is Michelle Boag? Get to Know Michelle Boag Here!

Who is Michelle Boag

Michelle Boag, a former president of the New Zealand National Party and an expert in public relations.

Read Michelle Boag’s Wikipedia page to learn more about her private life. There has never been a more well-known or adored politician than Michelle Boag.

Investigate Michelle’s spending patterns and current wealth to get a sense of her annual income and financial situation. Find out how she hits it big at age 66. She is the selfless type, willing to sacrifice anything for those she cares about. Scroll down to learn more about who she is and what she does.

Who exactly is this Michelle Boag?

Who is Michelle Boag

In 1977, she graduated with a BA in political science from Victoria University of Wellington after having attended Auckland Girls’ Grammar School.

Boag was an engaged National Party member who signed up with the Auckland Junior National Party in the ’70s.

She started off in the Prime Minister’s Office press corps in 1976, moved to the National Party’s research department in 1980, and eventually became the Opposition’s press officer in 1985.

Boag briefly worked for the Australian Liberal Party before beginning a career in public relations in Auckland and Wellington.

She misleads the Winebox Inquiry by having a fake video crew question Fay Rich white’s MP, Winston Peters.

Boag was a councillor for the National Party Dominion and a member of the Dominion Publicity Committee.

From the time the National Party was founded in 2001, she presided over it. By eliminating the “deadwood” from the candidate pool, she revitalised the party and helped win back voters during her presidency.

Bill English was able to assume leadership of the National Party as a result.

Under English’s leadership, the National Party would eventually suffer its worst electoral performance ever in 2002.

How much is Michelle Boag worth?

Michelle Boag is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. She is a former president of the National Party and a public relations guru who currently works for a consulting firm.

With her salary and other revenue, Michelle Boag brings in over $300,000 annually. Due to her tremendous success, she now has a chauffeur and a garage full of luxury cars. She is among the most influential and well-off people in New Zealand.


Who is Michelle Boag

In 2012, Michelle Boag was dragged into the scandal surrounding the privacy breach at the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) after it was found that she had been a support person for ACC claimant Bronwyn Pullar.

On July 7, 2020, Boag admitted releasing confidential medical information concerning COVID-19 patients that had been supplied to her in her job as interim chief executive of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

She shared the news with National MP Hamish Walker, who in turn shared it with the media. Therefore, she had no choice but to resign from her position. The following day, Boag stepped down from her positions with National MP Nikki Kaye’s electorate and campaign teams.

Michelle Boag, a board member for the Simplicity Kiwisaver, tendered her resignation on July 9th. After it came out that she had also informed Health Spokesperson Michael Woodhouse of the leak, she resigned from the National Party on July 10th.

Family Life (Husband, Children), Michelle Boag

Michelle Boag and Mervyn Bennett got married in a beautiful New Zealand ceremony. A baby has been born to the happy couple. Both she and her reclusive spouse are parents to a family.

Boag’s 1.68 m height and healthy weight are a perfect match for her confident demeanour. Michelle Boag and Mervyn Bennett are still together and content in their marriage as of mid-2022.


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Summary of Michelle Boag’s Blog

Over the course of her career, Michelle Boag has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in government, politics, and strategic communications.

She is currently putting her varied expertise to use helping business owners achieve a smooth transition when selling or retiring. Michelle is backed by an impressive group of individuals, as well as community, media, voluntary, and professional groups, and boasts vast experience in the corporate world.

Since Michelle has founded and managed her own businesses, she has first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges faced by those in the business startup and expansion phase. She hopes to use her experience in advertising, public relations, and marketing to assist business owners in getting the most out of their sales efforts.

I find it fascinating to study and understand the fundamentals of business. Every time I meet someone who has worked tirelessly to build a successful company, I am inspired by their drive and determination.

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