Who is Savannah Chrisley Dating? Know More About Her Love Life

Although we did not seek a Chrisley Knows Best spinoff, the United States has delivered in the form of Growing Up Chrisley. The patriarch, Todd Chrisley, looks to be a better “dad-ager” than we expected.

In the new series, Chase and Savannah Chrisley are followed as they migrate to Los Angeles in order to completely capitalize on their reality TV notoriety. Of course, Chase desires to be an actor, but Savannah is the one who catches our eye.

According to the show’s official website, the former pageant queen aims to make it big in the beauty industry, and she’s off to a great start with over 1.7 million Instagram followers. The 21-year-dating old’s life appears to be what people are most interested in.

As of Growing Up Chrisley, here’s everything we know about Savannah’s romantic life.

Who is Savannah Chrisley dating?

Nic Kerdiles, a professional hockey player, was the most recent boyfriend of the makeup aficionado. According to Instagram, the 25-year-old, who skates for the Manitoba Moose while on contract with the Winnipeg Jets, is also a real estate agent in Tennessee.

Savannah admits to entering into Nic’s DMs before. “I was reading through Instagram one day and then went over to the activity page and a girl I follow liked one of his pics, and I was like ‘ohhhh dangggg….that?'” stated the Georgia native to fans.

“After that, I took my shot and texted him.” He responded, thankfully, and the rest, as they say, is history! “It’s all over.”

Savannah’s bold attitude paid off at first: she and Nic were engaged!
Savannah was caught aback when Nic proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2018 in front of family and friends at her Nashville home — to say the least.

She told People, “And it was just so cute, and everyone was bawling.” “It was an incredible experience.” The presence of both of our families added to the enjoyment.”

Savannah and Nic made it clear that they weren’t about to hurry to the altar just yet. Savannah explained, “Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you have to marry right now.” “As a result, We’re going to take things carefully. “We’ve decided to spend the rest of our lives together,” said the couple.

Savannah Chrisley’s boyfriend has a dark secret that he doesn’t want her to know about.

Nic Kerdiles’ Instagram account had been dormant for nearly three months when followers were surprised to see several Instagram stories from the former reality star on Tuesday. They were also caught aback by the fact that Nic’s dark secret was disclosed in those few video snippets. His Jeep Grand Cherokee… was filthy, to say the least.

both on the inside and out The before and after films show the profile of the car’s outside as well as the disarray inside. Nic even opens the back hatch to expose the dirt, straw, and debris that has accumulated around the trunk.

He references the account @cody car detail, which is a Nashville auto detailing firm, in his next story. Nic appeared to have drove his filthy vehicle to their location and then abandoned them to their work. When we next see Nic’s vehicle, it has transformed from a pumpkin to a gorgeous carriage.

The filthy SUV has been reborn as a gleaming white Jeep Grand Cherokee. The paint has been waxed recently, the chrome on the tires is dazzling, and the interior is even better. Every detail has been taken into account. The cupholders appeared to be brand new and free of grime. The carpet had been vacuumed with tiny triangles, and the steering wheel and dash had been dusted.

Nic, ideally, will opt to keep the car clean for a while. Perhaps he was out on a hot date with Savannah and didn’t want her to know about his “dirty little secret.”

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What’s Next for Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley?

We’ll have to wait and see about that. Many sources claim that the couple has rekindled their romance at this time. Nic was still in Savannah’s life, she said in a recent interview with E!, and they were “trying to figure things out.”

TV Shows Ace reported just last month that they were living together. What we do know is that the couple has worked hard to keep their relationship private, whether they are romantically linked or simply pals.

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