Who Is Tinx Dating? TikTok star and Diplo dating rumors explained

Who Is Tinx Dating

“Rich mom” Christina “Tinx” Najjar is well-known. She doesn’t truly have kids, and she doesn’t claim to be wealthy; it’s all just a part of her online character.

Tinx gained her 1.2 million TikTok followers by mocking and criticising the culture of affluent moms. But when she revealed her boyfriend, Jeremy Kallen, had cheated on her, the millennial social media sensation lately courted outrage.

Who is Tinx?

Tinx, who is currently 30 years old, was born Christina Najjar on September 19, 1990. In May 2020, she started posting on TikTok. Najjar quickly gained notoriety for her “rich mom starter packs,” in which she deconstructs “rich mom” stereotypes in big cities.

“I was born in London, raised in San Francisco, have lived in New York, and currently reside in Los Angeles. Najjar told Town and Country, “I’ve always been more broadly interested with social commentary and what makes major cities tick.

She said she has “wealthy parent consultants” from each city in the same interview, “because really what makes the starter packs is the specifics.”

Speaking into a tiny microphone, typically from her home or in front of a green screen, is Najjar’s distinctive technique.

Are Tinx and Diplo dating?

Who Is Tinx Dating

Diplo addressed an incident that happened during a Las Vegas Raiders game on December 29, 2021, on TikTok. The DJ captured a screenshot of Diplo on the jumbotron for the video, which features the message “Tinx Boyfriend” beneath his name.

The incident caught everyone off guard because most people would generally think of Diplo as a DJ or artist before thinking of him as someone’s lover. The fact that Tinx didn’t seem to be with him during the game made the situation much stranger.

Diplo wrote, “I also got a few Grammys lol,” making fun of the person in charge of the jumbotron that evening.

Some individuals made fun of Diplo in the comments for adopting the alias “Tinx Boyfriend”

A user posted, “She’s being so kind by sharing her popularity with you. Hopefully, it will support your small musical endeavour. Another person said, “Finally, her boyfriend made a TikTok.”

Other individuals, however, felt totally excluded from the humour. One wrote, “I’m so bewildered.

With a Master’s in Fashion Journalism, Tik Toker Tinx

Who Is Tinx Dating

Tinx, as Christina Najjar, is a well-known TikTok personality, content producer, and social media influencer. She became well-known online because to her mini-vlogs, tips, celebrity news, and “rich mom” impersonation videos on TikTok.

She was born on September 19, 1990, in London, and appears to have had a typical upbringing. Since starting her TikTok account in May 2020, Tinx has gathered more than a million devoted followers.

In an interview with Town and Country, the TikToker talked about her lifelong interest in “social commentary”:

After attending Stanford University, the prominent individual started working in retail. She went to Parsons for her master’s in fashion journalism after working for Gap Inc., Banana Republic, and Poshmark, according to Vogue.

Tinx posted her debut video to TikTok while eating the Health Nut Kardashian salad. After being posted online, the video received more than a million views. She established a big following there after publishing videos under the title “rich mom starter pack,” which increased her notoriety.

Due to her fame and the fact that she is well known for using a distinctive little microphone, the 30-year-old is frequently referred as as the “big sister” of TikTok. Tinx told Vogue that she enjoyed playing the part of the older millennial, despite the fact that the majority of app users are in their teens or early 20s.


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In the past, the author and Jeremy Kallen were romantically involved. In 2020, Tinx found out that her fiance had been cheating on her, and the pair split up.

Fans respond to the trending video

Naturally, Diplo’s involvement in the video and Tinx’s “lover” label thrilled viewers.

Tinx’s TikTok has been inundated with congratulations, good wishes, and even wedding talk from her devoted audience while we wait for official word.

“Please tell me when the wedding is,” a devoted follower begged.

Another person remarked, “It’s so cute that Tinx’s lover is getting some well-deserved publicity.”

“From your perspective, you arrived here after watching Tinx’s response to the Diplo video. How caught up in this love story I am,” another person wrote.

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