Who Was Tony Hughes? What Happened To This Disabled Man?

Who Was Tony Hughes

TONY Hughes and sixteen other men were killed and dismembered by Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer in the US. The 31-year-old man’s life and death are depicted in the brand-new Netflix drama series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Tony Hughes, who?

In the year 1960, Tony Hughes was born. When he was a newborn, the adverse effects of the medication he was given caused him to permanently lose his hearing. Hughes relocated to Madison in order to attend college and pursue a career as a fashion model.

Because of his impairment, he reportedly had problems finding employment, according to the Netflix dramatisation. He eventually found work at a clothing business, where he spoke with his management using sign language. Hughes also claimed to be gay and frequent gay bars.

What went wrong with him?

In May 1991, Anthony Hughes and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer met in a Milwaukee gay bar.

Regularly luring his victims with the promise of sex and sexual favours, Dahmer has a history of doing so.

Hughes, who was 31 at the time, reportedly consented to accompany Dahmer home.

It’s believed that Dahmer requested a nude photo shoot in writing.

Once inside, Dahmer poisoned him before killing him by strangulation.

Dahmer’s skull was supposedly left behind after his body was destroyed in acid.

Tony and Jeffrey met in what way?

The two allegedly met in a gay pub where Tony wrote down his interactions with patrons on a notepad. He conversed with his eventual killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, in a similar manner.

Tony was visiting family in Madison. “I went dancing at a homosexual bar in Milwaukee on May 24, 1991. According to the most current AP news sources, Jeffrey Dahmer drugged him, drove him home, abducted him, dismembered him, and retained his skull.

Although it’s unknown how much of the episode is fact and how much is fiction, the show describes how the two first grew attracted to one another and even depicts Jeffrey attending some of Hughes’ photo shoots.

However, according to his mother, who spoke to The Associated Press, her son had “started a new job two weeks earlier but never got his first paycheck,” and she was unable to get in touch with the friend since she only knew the friend’s first name, Jeffrey.

Who were the other people Jeffrey Dahmer killed?

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer, often known as the “Milwaukee Monster,” murdered at least 17 boys and men.

Even worse, he cannibalised some of them, keeping genitalia and skulls as mementos.

Ages of the men ranged from 14 to 32, making them all young.

Like Hughes, many of them belonged to LGBT ethnic minorities.

Among his victims were:

Richard Guerrero, 14, Steven Hicks, 18, Steven Tuomi, 25, Ricky Beeks, 33, Joseph Bradehoft, 25, James Doxtator Jeremy Weinberger, 23, Matt Turner, 20, David C. Thomas, 25, Anthony Hughes, 31, Oliver Lacy, 23, Errol Lindsey, 19, Ernest Miller, 22, Anthony Sears, 26, Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, Edward W. Smith, 28, Curtis Straughter, 18, David C. Thomas, 23, and Matt Turner.


After carrying out the horrific murders, he was ultimately apprehended by Milwaukee police on July 22, 1991, after Tracy Edwards escaped his grasp.

Jeffrey murdered Tony in 1991.

There aren’t many specifics about Tony’s murder by Jeffrey Dahmer, not even in the series.

Hughes, 31, went missing on May 31, 1991, but according to FBI documents, he hadn’t been seen since May 24, when friends last saw him at the “219-Club.” Two months later, in July 1991, his remains and the remains of numerous other victims were found in Dahmer’s apartment, along with his skull and vertebrae.

The first way to locate Tony was in his dental records, and his mother learned of his passing in the first few days of July.

When it initially happened, his mother Shirley Hughes said to The Associated Press in 1992, “I thought I was going nuts.” In a another interview, she claimed, “I just prayed to the Lord to reveal me where my son was. I merely needed to know whether he was alive or not. Because of how he died, it aches. It defies explanation.

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