Why has the use of a BTC casino increased over the last decade?

The popularity of a BTC casino has continued to enjoy a surge amongst many within the gambling community, with the cryptocurrency and gambling industries becoming entwined with each other in recent years. In fact, the online gaming industry is expected to reach $97 billion in traffic by 2025.

Indeed, there has been a significant amount of growth to have been enjoyed recently, with the demand for these services to be continually growing, with some noting that it all began back in 2011 and has continued to expand ever since.

Apparently, it was 2011 when the first sites had started to appear that allowed punters to make wagers whilst using Bitcoin. Now, 11 years later, there are numerous options that are available to play at, with many of them hosting a huge collection of different titles to choose from, whilst some also allow a varied choice of crypto to be used for wagering purposes.

According to a report that was created by CryptoGamble, the use of a BTC casino has tripled since the second half of 2020. According to the numbers found, it has been claimed that the figure for the first half of 2021 had attracted around 952.52% of new users to use these platforms, with Germany experiencing the largest number of new players; an increase of 1,021.43% was recorded. Canada enjoyed an increase of 748.98% whereas the United Kingdom experienced growth of 615.09% to place them second and third respectively.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bitcoin has been found to be the most popular digital coin for betting whilst its fork, Bitcoin Cash, has ranked second. There has been an increase in the use of Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero, too. 

What is a BTC casino and why are so many using them?

Of course, we have spoken about the use of a BTC casino a lot in this article already, however we can appreciate that these platforms are still a relatively new thing to some, which is why we thought it might be necessary to explain what they are and why there has been a surge in the number of users.

Firstly, a Bitcoin casino is an online casino platform that allows players to be able to play a variety of their favorite gambling games – slots and classic casino table games – with the use of their favorite cryptocurrency. As highlighted before, there are some sites that will accept numerous tokens, thus giving players the opportunity to be able to enjoy the freedom to choose which coin to use.

These different casinos are known as being either exclusive BTC (where only Bitcoin and other typical cryptocurrencies can be used), whereas there are some that will allow players to be able to use cryptocurrency as well as fiat currency (hybrids).

In order to use a BTC casino, players will need to hold crypto that is accepted by the site. In order to do this, players will need to buy coins using traditional currency and then create a crypto wallet that can then be used to make transactions. This is because they will provide a punter with a valid ID that can then make the payments required.

What are the benefits of a BTC casino?

As mentioned, there are a number of different benefits that can be enjoyed with the use of crypto when combining it with gambling.

One instance is in regard to the anonymity that can be enjoyed, with players able to keep themselves secure and private. This can also help to protect themselves, whilst the use of blockchain technology can also enhance the protection being enjoyed. Through the use of technology, players do not need to worry about any potential fraudulent activities that may be experienced with their funds.

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