Willow Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest Updates!

Willow Release Date

The Disney+ television series Willow, based on the George Lucas film from 1988, is guaranteed to be a hit! The well-liked dark fantasy picture, which debuted years after George Lucas’ original Star Wars movies, has a devoted fan base, and the new series, which features some of the original cast members returning, promises to be an exciting continuation of the original. In June 2022, the program’s first official trailer, which is shown below, was made public. Learn more about the show below, including its release date, its cast, and its staff.

When Willow Make Its Debut?

Naturally, some fans believed that Willow Ufgood’s story was over when he completed his task in the first film and that we wouldn’t likely be seeing him again. However, Willow is back for a brand-new adventure. The adorable character fans are familiar with is played by our one and only actor Warwick Davis, who is reprising the role, in a special Disney+ series that is scheduled to continue his story with new characters and adversaries.

What Is the Purpose of Willow?

Willow Release Date

Some reports claim that Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan wrote the pilot script for Willow. Bob Dolman, who wrote the screenplay for the original movie, is the show’s consulting producer.

In addition to Jonathan Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy, two well-known names at Lucasfilm, Ron Howard would also serve as an executive producer on the Willow series even though he won’t be directing it. Kasdan, who frequently works with Howard and was a co-writer on Solo: A Star Wars Story, will produce the project.

The famous Jon M. Chu, who directed “The Heights” and the film “Crazy Rich Asians,” was originally going to helm the television series. But due to some scheduling conflicts, he left the show, and a new director was hired as a result. Currently, Jamie Childs from the His Dark Materials television series and Stephen Woolfenden, director of the Outlander series, are directing the show.

Release Information and Locations

Disney+ will debut Willow on November 30, 2022. On May 26, at Star Wars Celebration, it was reported that the series would be available on Disney+. The plan for the series was first mentioned on the Star Wars Twitter account in 2020. One of the most anticipated new Disney series—and TV shows in general—will have eight episodes altogether.

Willow Cast

Willow Release Date

As has been said countless times before, without the guy who first gave the beloved character a new life, Willow simply would not exist. After bringing Wicket to light in Return of the Jedi, Warwick Davis was first introduced to Lucasfilm and has since appeared in almost every Star Wars film. After a distinguished career of supporting roles, Davis finally had the chance to assume the lead in a large, high-budget movie with Willow. It makes perfect sense that Davis would restart acting given his numerous declarations of his love for the role over the seasons and his appreciation of how people with dwarfism are portrayed in the film.

Joanne Whalley will take on the role of Sorsha, the daughter of Bavmorda who was initially hostile but has since grown to be a faithful ally and guardian of the child Willow was carrying. Davis is not the only returning co-star.

The new characters in Willow’s world will be played by some new faces. This included Talisa Garcia, who had previously been in Baptiste and would create history by acting in a Lucasfilm project as the first openly transgender actor. Along with her, other actors from the series include Ruby Cruz from the Mare of Easttown, Dempsey Bryk from the renowned Black Mirror series, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers from Game of Thrones, Ellie Bamber from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Tony Revolori from Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Erin Kellyman from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

What is the Willow Series’ storyline?

In the first movie, Willow set out on a mission to deliver a little infant he had located close to his village and to shield the girl from a wicked witch who wanted to harm her. Willow, who had only occasionally left his small hamlet, suddenly found himself in an entirely new environment. The depraved creatures and miserable minions of the terrible Empress Bavmorda are all over his quest, but Willow also makes a group of friends for life who help him get there, such the haughty yet endearing swordsman Madmartigan. Despite how challenging these tests were, Willow ultimately succeeded in his mission, safeguarded the tiny infant, and returned home with a renewed passion for and interest in magic studies.


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Although there aren’t many details available about Willow’s upcoming journey, we do know that he’ll continue to be the unselfish, endearing hero he was in the movie. The clip suggests that the formerly inexperienced magician has substantially refined and improved his profession, carrying himself with real class and swagger while staying humble. The movie’s events are established to have occurred several decades before to the events of the television series, where Willow is now helping Kit, a young woman, locate her kidnapped brother. The two then embark on a new, epic mission with their small group of allies.

Is a Willow trailer available?

Yes! Now available online, the trailer for the upcoming Willow series teases plenty of magic and misadventures for Willow and his friends. When the series debuts, be prepared for action, magical creatures, and lots of swords.

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