Yona of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date: Will the Anime Series Be Renewed in 2022?

Yona Of The Dawn has been on the air for more than seven years, with the first season airing in 2014-15. It’s based on the fantasy Shojo manga by Mizuho Kusanagi. As we see action sequences with Yona and her other warriors returning to the Kingdom of Kouka, the series concludes on a thrilling cliffhanger with a bevy of unsolved mysteries. As a result, fans are left to wonder whether Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 will be made. Continue reading to learn more.

Yona of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date

There’s no word yet on whether “Yona of the Dawn” will get a second season. While it’s not uncommon for anime programmes to have numerous year-long hiatuses, the series’ producer, Studio Pierrot, has taken an unusually long time to declare any changes to the series’ status.

According to a message she posted on Twitter, the Kunamoto earthquakes in 2016 appeared to derail inventor Kusanagi’s work for a period, which did not help — but that was five years ago. Despite the fact that there is plenty of source material in the 34 volumes of the manga that are currently available, as well as decent ratings, the site Anime Next Season believes the series is over, owing to low merch sales and the fact that the show’s social media sites are no longer promoting the show.

The longer an anime goes without a renewal, the less likely it is to be revived. Fans should give up hope if a renewal wasn’t forthcoming by 2021 or 2022, according to TV Season & Spoilers. Even if a renewal is announced this week, it will take at least a year for the show to return to the air. Regrettably, it appears that time is running out.

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Yona of The Dawn Season 2 Cast

On Hulu, the first season of “Yona Of The Dawn” is available in Dubbed and Subbed versions, with the Dubbed version containing voice dubbing by American actors and the Subbed version featuring subtitles. The anime also boasts a fantastic English version, including seasoned voice actress Monica Rial as Yona herself. Son Hak is played by Christopher R. Sabat, and Yun, Su-Won, and Gija are played by Clifford Chapin, Micah Solusod, and Ian Sinclair, respectively.

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With such a lengthy time between seasons, it’s impossible to predict what will happen, but there shouldn’t be any substantial changes to the voice cast, according to forecasts. If this is the case, the actor would most likely be replaced with another voiceover artist who was available at the time. However, it’s too early to say what kind of casting challenges this series would have if it decides to return in the future. Hopefully, fans will hear either good or bad news soon.

Plot of Yona of The Dawn Season 2

The exhibition is situated in a hypothetical land with elements of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean civilizations.

The exhibit chronicles the exploits of Yona, the Kingdom of Kouka’s solitary princess, and is a story of revenge and redemption.

When the show begins, Yona is seen to be living a happy and healthy life as a queen in the Hiryuu Castle, sheltered from the outside world by her father, the King of Kouka, and her childhood friend and bodyguard, Hak.

As a result, Yona’s existence is turned upside down at her sixteenth birthday celebration, when her childhood friend and lover matter, Su-Won, appears to pay her tribute.

Yona goes to her father’s office, enraged by Su-approach, Won’s to tell him that she likes Su-Won. As a result, when she walks into the room, she is scared to see Su-Won murdering her father for the crown.

As Su-Won instals electricity in Kouka, Hak appears and saves Yona from certain death, and the two flee the citadel to the Village of Wind, where Hak was born.

Yona joins Hak’s grandfather, Son Mundok, at the Village of Wind, where he advises them to seek out a minister named Ik-Su.

When they find the minister, he tells them the story of Hiryuu, Kouka’s first emperor, and the Four Dragon Warriors. The Kingdom of Kouka was quickly recognised by the latter.

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Inspired by the story, Yona and Hak set out on an epic adventure to find the descendants of the Four Dragon Warriors so that they can live to recount the narrative of Su-harsh Won’s reign and save the country from ruin. They are accompanied by Ik-helper Su’s Yun.

Is There A Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Trailer?

There is no trailer for Yona Of The Dawn’s second season, and no word on when the sequel will be released. We’ll let you know if any formal details emerge. Keep an eye on things!

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