You Tube Is Adding New Monetization Capabilities for You Tube Creators

YouTube is improving the ways in which artists can monetize their work, interact with users, and develop original ideas.

channels. In a lengthy blog post published today, YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan teased the new features. The improvements will be made available all year long.

First of all, YouTube Shorts gains a tonne of new features and tools this year. YouTube claims that new video effects, editing programmes, and opportunities

It will be possible for creators to reply to criticisms by posting a Short, similar to what producers can do on TikTok.

YouTube also intends to provide additional possibilities for creators to monetize their Shorts, including by improving the circulation of branded content.

channels, enhancing Shorts with Super Chat and enabling buying from a Short in the future.

The firm claims that shopping would be greatly enhanced throughout the entire app. It is seeking other approaches to incorporate shopping into the

In addition to shoppable movies and live shopping, YouTube offers.

YouTube is also introducing a few new features this year that will help content producers create original content. YouTube Studio is going to

extra information that, in the firm’s opinion, will aid content producers in understanding how viewers are interacting with their work and act as a source of

motivation for fresh video concepts.

Additionally, YouTube will enable live broadcasting between producers this year to improve interaction and address the issue of running out of content.

subjects for conversation with viewers.


According to Mohan, over the past three years, the YouTube Partner Program has paid out tens of billions of dollars to creators, artists, and media companies.

“More than ten years ago, we launched the first-ever YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in order to support creators and their next-generation media companies. We have paid media companies, innovators, and artists more than $30 billion in the previous three years.


Currently, there are about 10 distinct options for YouTubers to monetize their material, from running advertisements to selling goods.

YouTube promises to continue to create new methods for creators to make money because it does not like to rest on its laurels.

On the user side, YouTube also intends to more broadly roll out gifting memberships, a well-liked Twitch feature. The previously disclosed feature has already begun to be tested on YouTube, but according to Mohan, more functionality is expected to be added in the near future.

Additionally, YouTube will soon provide an integration that will let you use your phone to engage with the TV-viewing video. This allows users to read or leave comments, share movies from their mobile device, and more when they are signed into the same account on both devices.

The revamp of YouTube TV, which will “enhance the appearance and feel” and “help you organise your favourites more simply,” is the final change that will be made this year, according to Mohan. Don’t miss our conversation with Mohan on these and other changes coming to YouTube and YouTube TV on a new episode of Vergecast today. It’s a big year of change for YouTube.

YouTube Videos

The Shorts Fund is currently the sole way for creators to make money off of YouTube Shorts.

The Shorts Fund is available to all artists, even those who are unable to promote conventional videos.

The Shorts Fund will continue to be run by YouTube, and the platform plans to give producers other ways to get paid for their short films.

In the coming months, YouTube will start experimenting with different ways for creators to create sponsored video content via BrandConnect.

Super Chats from YouTube live streams will soon be offered on Shorts, a platform that enables people to purchase highlighted talks.

As part of a bigger effort to establish YouTube as a destination for shopping, the option to shop right from a short will also be tested.

Google Play

Soon, creators will have more chances to make money from live YouTube broadcasting.

The ability to purchase gift channel memberships for additional Livestream viewers will soon be available to YouTube users.

This will be feasible, much like how Twitch users can gift paid memberships to other users during a stream.

Fewer YouTube channels are now trying gifting channel memberships; more channels will do so in the coming months.


Web3 offers new revenue streams for YouTube artists by utilising technologies like blockchain and NFTs.

For instance, producers can provide fans genuine ways to obtain unique films, photographs, works of art, and more.

According to Mohan, there are numerous considerations that must be made before adding these new technologies to YouTube.


YouTube clapping

When watching videos they like, viewers may directly support the producers they like by purchasing “applause.”

Applause can be purchased on any video at any time, unlike SuperChats, which can only be purchased during live YouTube videos.

Consider applause to be a donation in the sense that customers only receive the joy of paying a YouTuber for their work.

According to YouTube, it is as follows:

“You may help participating producers’ YouTube channels by purchasing viewer applause for their videos.

A one-time ‘clapping’ animation that will only be displayed to you over the top of the video is what you get when you buy Viewer applause.

Similar to purchasing “bits” on Twitch and sending them to streamers, applause. It’s a digital item that enables content producers to make money.

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